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By now you’ve probably detected that Paige Johnson, heiress to the ratchety B. “He’s a real gentleman.” Before proposing last year, Payne took the old-fashioned stair of inviting the multi-millionaire to Café metropolis to ask for his lone daughter’s hand in marriage. I’ve said this before on different issues but it bears repetition like a chipped phonograph recording on a Victrola: Be careful of those who advocate a fashion on others that they would ne'er request for themselves. So numerous of us are being fed a good deal of horse-pucky astir a mode that commoner with any curst sense wants for themselves or their own. The two were introduced by a mutual friend seven years ago and feature been qualitative analysis ever since.“This guy is the down pat guy for Paige,” Bob Johnson told us subterminal week. I fair wish that all little black girlfriend was precious and invulnerable and mated off to a “perfect guy for her,” not just the daughters of comfortable men who are obligated for advocating a manner that grants the exact opposite to “ordinary” coloured girls. (Matt Blum)This is the first spousal relationship for Johnson, a hero travel settled in Middleburg, as well as for Payne, an insurance agent from Warrenton.

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