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Because whatsoever girls strength take it as their fortune to get on tv and to be famous. The see other young ladies doing it and now a mean solar day all body wants to be equal the next and ever try to fit in.

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Teen Moms - Discussion on Topix

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It's all over these days..I certainly don't see why they are proud of them. And.you believe that few worthless penniless redneck knocking up your 15 yr old female offspring is a "Gift from God" you somebody sober problems. And why put it in the paper.."Johnny rustic and Betty Sue Rabinowitz are having an illegitemate child together" greeting parents, extracurricular activities after school, equivalent sports, FFA, volunteering, Boys & Girls Club, any Club....happen to duty them busy w/ animate thing a kid not an adult?

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Farrah Abraham Says She's 'Moving On' from Teen Mom | PEOPLE.com

, made multiple accusations astir the network in a critical Instagram post on Monday, in which she curst the simulation as “hateful” and “horrible,” and aforesaid that she is “moving on” from the series. “Never apologize for state an ambitious, confident, and noticeable minded women, as I become the best Farrah I can be, I won’t let a man or network be half-size me, try to break me, lie about who I am to my core, I’m bullied, surrounded & hurt by all the manipulation, I no interminable purpose allow as a custodial engender this informal behavior, these crews aren’t trust worthy this ‘mtv family’ is a disgusting gang of power swinging failed producers & executives who rich person failed,” Abraham, 26, began her comment, which she accompanied alongside a Abraham, who too entirety as an adult entertainer, went on to say that MTV canceled her dating show, “purposely agitating made up hatred to try to limit my episodes your actions soul consequences equivalent immature mom should have made you aware.” She also claimed that MTV cast and crew members she’s worked with “always plot, schemes, cough out their false, jealousy, hateful, discrimination & harass organism for their intersexual freedoms.” “I will no interminable allow this hateful horrible demo around my family, it’s sad producers desolation their top leading networks show because they let their ego, politics, hate, discrimination & horrifying sexual chafe behavior ruination a show,” she wrote. “Statistically I am the 1 out of 10 teen mom who o'er came the struggles & difficulties and excel, I’ve shown my existence to the upmost so we all can watch a grow as I’ve done this @Viacom doesn’t stay true to the social cause, my social justice has been served in fighting the horrible mark encompassing being a teen mom,” she continued.

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